Biz Glitter

Hey, I know you!


You have SO many great ideas, goals to reach and future clients to serve.

But, let's be honest, ok?


Business is tough! 


And if you're an entrepreneur, small business owner, side hustler or just getting started on your dream, often you aren't sure which way to turn to find the information you need, who to seek out for the expertise you want, or even what makes the most sense!

Here's my are SO good at what you do. 


And because you are SO good at it, you decided to go into business for yourself, put out your (often virtual) shingle, and start making money like it's your JOB!


But....wait just a hot spent so much time doing what you're so good at, that you're not really sure about #allthethings that go along with running a business.


That's where  I can help.  As a Certified Life Coach, Business Coach and Strategist and Facebook Strategist, and after being in business for more than 15 years as a successful entrepreneur and 15 more years working in corporate America, I have a keen understanding of what works and what helps grow a successful business.

Regardless of your business type, online or brick and mortar, sole proprietor or multi employee company, my strategy sessions can give you the direction you need.

After fine tuning the strategies that work on business pages, I've created a little Biz Glitter and now offer the exact strategy to you.  Regardless of your business type, your business style or how long you've been online, my strategies can help you use your Facebook Business Page as a marketing tool!

Facebook Business Pages...

Facebook can be a beast.  But Facebook can also be a fabulous tool to find your audience, grow your business and showcase your services, products, and offers.  

I've spent years growing my own page, reaching an average of 2 million people each month, while researching trends, the always elusive algorithm, and figuring out what works Best to get the most engagement, reach and interaction on business pages.

Business pages are NOT dead and Organic Reach is NOT dead.  I offer
proof from my own page below, all organic reach:

The Video Course is Ready!

Facebook UnScattered
The Video Course!

All those little things that make a big difference that you just didn't know about....

All those articles that you're 
sure are out there somewhere for you to read, if only you could find them...


The DETAILS that go into making your Facebook Business Page the best it can be so your clients and customers will know how to reach you, get to know/like/trust you and ultimately become your customer....  

It is overwhelming.

It doesn't have to be overwhelming any more.

Let's do'll be

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Facebook Strategy Session

Is Facebook DRIVING YOU Crazy?  Do you just want to understand WHAT is it you need to do to make it all work FOR you?

Want to know what to
change, fix or add to your Facebook Page to make it rock your business, grow your audience and reach your clients

I will go over your page, giving you clear instructions on what to add, what to change and where to go next.


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Done for You!

You've been MEANING to get around to it, haven't you?  

Creating a
beautiful Facebook Business Page, full of content that will convert, content that will make your audience glow with happiness each time they see your page....the cover photo that's a perfect fit, has exactly what it should have listed and fits.  And that profile've been MEANING to get around to fixing that....

Oh!  The
About Section and YOUR STORY!!  

THAT needs to be done, too.

And the links!! How could you forget the links because #allthelinks have to be fixed?

Chill my friend...I'm here to help!


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