Wanna learn how to make a

Shark Coochie 


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Charcuterie Boards are ALL the rage right now!

They are the most pinned item on Pinterest for 2020....ain't THAT crazy!!


I just have to tell you....I've been making "Charcuterie Boards" for years....had no idea they were called something other than "Meat and Cheese Trays" until just recently.

So when I started posting pics, people started asking questions....which naturally turned into a ...



Because everything is better as a party!

Here's the dealio ~ Grab your favorite beverage, hop on the zoom and watch while I create 2 Grazing Boards for Galentine's Day and/or Valentine's Day.  One will be sweet and one will be savory. 

Both will be easy!  

And...often you can create them with what you have in your kitchen right now!

If you want to create your own while I create mine, I'll put a list of suggestions in your email. If you want to just hang out, enjoy the fun, friends, and food, do that too!


Here's how it works:

Cost: $3

Date: Tuesday, 2/9/21

Time: 7:00 pm ET


Location: Zoom Live (*Zoom is a free video conferencing website.  You'll be sent a link to log in and watch the training live.  The recording will be emailed and will be viewed via Google Drive.)

Let's have a Board Party!!

Who's Sasha and why is she

trying to talk to us about Shark Cootchie Boards??




I'll be the first to tell you I am not a cook.

But I am an Entertainer, and I LOVE having people over and feeding them!  I've been making Meat and Cheese Trays forever and when I started seeing ALL the beautiful boards people were making, I stepped up my game and started having fun.

Below are some of the trays I've created.  We'll be making 2 Heart Themed Boards for this Party, one sweet and one savory. 

You'll leave with the how-to and a recording showing you exactly how to create your own!

But mostly...it'll be a party because the world needs more parties!


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