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From Concept to Creation in 8 Weeks!

Are you ready to start your business but have no idea what to do first?  

Have you always known you were meant to be a business owner?

Do you just want to know how to make it all work?

The Business Bootcamp is your answer. 

Eight weeks to get your business out of your head and into the world.

Each week you'll participate in a 1 hour zoom call (recorded and emailed to everyone) that will cover the topics listed below:

  • Clarity on your Business Calling

  • Discovery of the Competition

  • Goals ~ Short term, Long term, Financial, Time...

  • Identify and locate your client and tribe

  • Write to resonate with your clients

  • Price your services/products for profit + make offers

  • Marketing where your Clients hang out

  • Branding to Creation

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Are you a self-starter?  

Have you been waiting for the right time to start your business?

Do you know you have something the world needs?

This is for you if:

  • You've been waiting for the right time to start your business

  • You started your business but feel lost

  • You have this fabulous idea for a business 

  • You haven't found the success you had hoped for

  • You just weren't sure where to start or what to do

  • You keep trying to figure out what to do next to make this whole thing work

  • You have thought about throwing in the towel because it's just too much....

My friend....

It's not that you don't know the Answers....

It's that you don't know the Questions!

I get it....because I've been exactly where you are.

You have this amazing idea (or LOTS of ideas...right?) and you jump into the business world, tossing your hat into a crowded field full of competition because your idea is magnificent.

And all of a sudden, you're a business owner but you have NO IDEA how to find your audience, what to say to attract them to your offers....(wait...I need an OFFER???)...if your prices are high enough, too high, too low or OMG, you mean people are offering what I do for FREE.'s an opt-in.

And what the heck is an Opt-in?

You frantically google words people toss out like candy because you have no idea what a funnel is, what having a brand means or if you're a B2B, B2C, 1:1 or in a transitional season and scaling your hear Active Campaign, Convert Kit, Mail Chimp and MailerLite and wonder if you're supposed to sign up for a political ally, get a pet or have a beer.  


              Yes, I get it.

  • I googled.

  • I asked.

  • I figured it out.

  • I sorted through what worked and what didn't work.

  • I tossed and started over, more than a few times.

  • I trudged through vague answers.

  • I paid for programs, courses, consultations, and sessions.

  • I pulled out my hair and probably cussed more than I should have.


                                       And THAT's why I created the

                           Business Boot Camp!

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Here's the Good Stuff:

  • This is LIVE Group Coaching.  You can ask questions and Get Answers about anything you need clarification on or just don't 'get' the first time.  (Dates/Times listed below)

  • Each weekly session will be 1 hour, via zoom and recorded, then emailed to you so you can go back and listen as many times as you need to or catch the replay if you couldn't make a session.

  • There will be a MAXIMUM of 10 people in the Boot Camp which will allow you the attention you need and time for questions and answers during the 8 weeks. 

  • Unlimited access via email to me for the duration of the Boot Camp.

  • Unlimited access via Voxer to me for the duration of the Boot Camp.

  • You will receive a Printed Workbook in the mail prior to the Boot Camp starting so you'll have a resource to go back to again and again and a place to keep all your notes.

  • Private Facebook Group for attendees so you can get to know your fellow attendees, make connections and ask questions.  All future members of Business Boot Camp will be in the Facebook Group as well, so you can source from and connect to many other business people.

You'll get the Answers you Need so you'll be ready to 


So, this is probably thousands of dollars, right?  Because....LOOK at what you get:

  • 2 months of Business Coaching                                         $2,000.00

  • 2 months of Unlimited Voxer Access                                     600.00

  • 2 months of Unlimited Email Access                                     600.00

  • Printed Workbook                                                                         45.00

                                                                   Total:                        $3,245.00

Remember when I said I know what it's like because


Right where you are now....struggling to make it all work, trying to keep the dream alive, dealing with the naysayers and negative people that are trying to bring you down and saying there's no way you can make it, and doubting yourself every time you try to make a decision....

And ... not making a profit.

Heck, sometimes not even breaking even.

So, I'm pricing this for everyone because I believe in you and I believe in the power of the Business Bootcamp and what it can do for you.

Business Boot Camp


There are Only 10 spots in each camp...they'll fill up fast, so choose your day/time and payment choice and let's do this!
I can't wait to see you SHINE!


Day/Time Options: 

Thursdays/1:00 pm ET

Live Call Dates: 1/10/19, 1/17/19, 1/24/19, 1/31/19, 2/7/19, 2/14/19, 2/21/19, 2/28/19


Mondays/8:00 pm ET

Live Call Dates: 1/7/19, 1/14/19, 1/28/19, 2/4/19, 2/11/19, 2/18/19, 2/25/19, 3/4/19


I AM SO READY!  Let me in NOW!



1 payment of $297    

2 payments of $150


1 payment of $297

2 payments of $150

Wait just a hot second....WHO is teaching this course?

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As the founder and owner of the Scattered Sasha Brand, reaching millions monthly on social media, I have a unique understanding of what resonates with an audience, where to find them, how to reach them and how to market to them. 


As a Certified Business Coach, Life Coach, Facebook Strategist, Trainer and Speaker and after being in business for more than 15 years as a successful entrepreneur and 20 more years working in corporate America, I know what works and what helps grow a successful business.

Regardless of your business type, online or brick and mortar, sole proprietor or multi employee company, getting the answers to the questions you didn't even know you had will help.

I can't wait to see you in the BootCamp! 


Still not sure?   

Lemme know what questions you have:

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