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1:1 Strategy

+ Coaching

Do you want to go over every inch of your Facebook Business Page with someone that knows how to increase engagement, create excitement and grow a page organically?

With the Facebook Page
 1:1 Strategy + Coaching, that's exactly what happens.

I complete a Facebook Page
(details of an Audit are below the dotted purple line), then we get on a Zoom Call, hit the record button and start creating strategy for YOUR page.  You get to ask questions in REAL TIME, while we're going over the content you've posted, clarifying anything that's said, making changes RIGHT on the Spot and understanding the WHY behind every decision. 

Then, it's ALL emailed right to you, so you don't even

have to take NOTES!



Facebook Page Audit Details:


WHAT am I doing wrong?

                                                              Where should I have put my content?

                          DID I post often enough?

                                                                            SHOULD I have used this picture?

WHY did no one see that post?

HOW DO I ?????


If these are the questions you ask every time you go to your Facebook Business Page, then a Facebook Page Audit can help answer those questions.

Here’s how it works:

I spend time going to YOUR page and digging deep into the contents, starting with your cover and profile pictures, heading next to the about page, looking at your content, your photos, your links, your engagement, reach and likes, as well as any comments or messages from your audience.


I create a detailed list of suggestions for each area, we hop on a Zoom Call, and we record my observations during a screen share so there is no confusion on what I’m speaking about, giving you the information you need to make changes where changes are needed to drive engagement, get eyes on your page and increase your reach. 

This makes it very easy to Implement quick, simple, easy changes that will make a difference in your reach, your engagement and how you view your business page:  As a Marketing Tool that brings your customers to YOU!

You'll find out whats working (and what's not) on your page (and why), what you need to improve, and what needs to change completely.


THEN....30 days later, we get BACK on a Zoom call and spend 20 minutes going over what you've done, how it's changed and the specifics you need to tweak to get exactly where you need to be!


This audit brings my 6+ years of experience owning a page that I've grown to a quarter million fans with a monthly reach of

2+ million to YOUR page.


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What Others Have Said....

Jaime Hanson

When I first connected with Sasha, the idea of using Facebook for business honestly scared me. I had no clue where to start, heard so many conflicting things about “the algorithm” and just didn’t want to get anywhere near the whole thing.

But y’all, Sasha Gray stepped right in and made using Facebook for business not only easy, but FUN! With her help I launched TWO Facebook pages and took my brand new Facebook group from zero to 100 members in under two weeks.


Best of all? I have total clarity on how to move forward with my Facebook presence for maximum impact on my business’s bottom line.

Micala Quinn

Before I decided to launch my new Facebook business page, I knew that I needed help, so I reached out to Sasha.


The idea of launching a business page to me seemed way more daunting than launching my actual website, it is visible to everyone who views it, no matter how many other people view it!! I follow Sasha and saw the engagement and the community that she has built on her Facebook page and wanted that for my own business.


I learned SO much from Sasha in our 60 minute strategy session and walked away with concrete actionable ways to launch and grow my Facebook page + I now know all her secret tips and tricks so I can continue to and apply and grow long after our call! A bonus is that when you work with Sasha you are working with someone who really truly does care about you and your business.

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