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You know your

Facebook Business Page

could be Amazing

But where do you start?

How do you know what to do?

Where are the cliff notes???

Right here....all tied up in a

pretty little package,

quick to watch and easy to implement.

Welcome to 

FaceBook UnScattered

The Video Course 

"I've learned more in the first 2 videos than in some 

5 day challenges I've been in!"

"In the first video alone, I was able to learn actionable items

I could create on my page immediately!" 

Kate Guerrero

Founder, Craft A Community

Facebook is 

Biggest Social Media Platform

Are you ready to:

Optimize your business page

Implement strategies that work

Own a page people look for on Facebook

Create the know/like/trust factor

These videos cover the core elements of a Facebook Page that draws people in, answers their questions before they ask them, and proves to be a resource for everyone.

"Your Facebook Optimization video series was AMAZING. I learned so much! I took two pages of notes, already went in and added a few things into my page (from the first five minutes of video one!), came up with a few future post ideas, and even learned what to really look for in the insights to further my reach and better serve my audience."

Rachael Mariani
Uninvincible Mom

"I am so encouraged by your upbeat personality and just ready to go revamp my entire page tomorrow. I think that your series will benefit anyone who is struggling to start or grow their page--you break everything down so simply. I've had my page up for a year and you touched on things I had never even thought of!"

Are you tired of wondering What to put in your "About" Section?

Do you want to understand your Insights and how they work so you can use them to serve your audience?

Would you love for your audience to know when you go live and actually be there to watch? 

Oh yeah....let's talk about those Facebook Lives....

And for the love of Canva, would you just love to know

WHAT to post on your page?

Love them!!

"They are easy to understand & I like that they are in small chunks instead of a big class.  Less information overload & easier to go back & review a specific topic.  I also like that you didn't use a "teacher voice"...that loud bossy voice that eventually makes my eyes glaze over & the voice starts to sound like the adult voices on Peanuts!"

Jennifer Gill,
Owner, Jennifer Gill Sales

So....what do you get with the

FaceBook UnScattered

Video Course?

Clear, concise actionable steps

Short, easy to understand videos

Extra tips in all the videos

Proven Methods 

Marketing strategies

Visibility techniques

And here's a Sneak Peak into the content you'll have at your fingertips!!

Profile & Cover Photos: 3 ways to reach your clients with this very valuable real estate

Content: Where to get it, how to create it, what to do with it, how to stay out of trouble when you use it and WHY!

Insights: Understanding the metrics to help you figure out the algorithm

Events: The number 1 way to make sure people show up for your Lives

Facebook Live: How to get over the "What do I talk about" mindset blocks

Bonus: Group insights + scheduling shares

What's this worth?

Well, it's like you're getting the best parts from the:

Facebook Strategy Session

Business Strategy Session

Shareable Content Course

6+ years of FB page ownership,

with 1-3 million reach per month



$ 47



$641 + a whole lot more

But Get This!


FaceBook UnScattered

Video Course 

is only $247!!



Yep....$47 on SALE


"Each video gets straight to the point, without any padding, and Sasha shows you what to do, step by step on her own page - and the results she gets are reason enough to follow everything she suggests. This course is ideal if you know you need a solid Facebook strategy but are overwhelmed - Sasha is the perfect guide!"

Kate Guerreo
Craft a Community

"Sasha's course is all about Facebook optimization, but it's so much bigger! She shares so much truth about marketing and visibility too. Her easy breezy approach to Facebook left me feeling: Oooo there are so many things I want to try!" 

Who should purchase this

Facebook Optimization Video Course?

Any business owner with any type of business who has a Facebook Business Page (or wants to) and wants to use it to market their business.

Who shouldn't purchase this 

Facebook Optimization Video Course? 

Anyone that believes they can purchase this course, sit back, do nothing and have things magically happen with their business because of that purchase. 
Running a Facebook Business Page takes some work, some time and a good strategy.  

Purchasing this course gets you 1 out of 3.
You have to do the rest.


But with this strategy, you won't have to spend time trying to figure out what to do.  It's all laid out, right here!

Who's that talking in these videos?

Sasha is a Sassy Southern Belle that founded "Scattered Sasha" in 2012 as an outlet for the stress life brings when you're raising a grandchild, caring for aging parents, have a traveling husband, and live in an 150 year old farm house that is filled with a crazy dog, mean cats and maybe a few ghosts.

Along the way, that Scattered Sasha Facebook page grew to over a quarter million people that hang out, show up, engage, and support one another every day.

Going live daily with the #morningyall Show, and having an hour-long weekly show for more than 2 years and 100 episodes, as well as posting content that routinely goes viral, Sasha has a unique understanding of how to optimize your Facebook page to help grow your audience, create a destination and resource for your clients and increase your sales.

But the proof is in the insights....

What others have said:

Jaime Hanson, Owner

Jaime Hanson

When I first connected with Sasha, the idea of using Facebook for business honestly scared me. I had no clue where to start, heard so many conflicting things about “the algorithm” and just didn’t want to get anywhere near the whole thing.

But y’all, Sasha Gray stepped right in and made using Facebook for business not only easy, but FUN! With her help I launched TWO Facebook pages and took my brand new Facebook group from zero to 100 members in under two weeks.


Best of all? I have total clarity on how to move forward with my Facebook presence for maximum impact on my business’s bottom line.

Tara Clancy, Owner

Nurturing Literacy

Sasha, I just used the strategy you gave us in the course...it is THE BOMB! Thank you for sharing your expertise and taking the guess work out of FB for me! :)

Lina Adjogble, Owner
Create with Lina

Sasha, thank you for being so fabulous!  Y'all, let me tell you ~ I just finished Sasha's course and it was amazing!  She is so selfless, fun, smart, genuine, and so much more!  I wish she lived next door - ha.  Sasha, you're the best!

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