The world has been made smaller by social media, technology and internet at the speed of light.  But with all this 'availability', suddenly we're more alone than ever before.

Sometimes we just need a community surrounding us in Person....


someone that can be there to hold our hand through the bad times, the tough times, and the daily struggles we face in this hectic, crazy, busy life. 


Someone that can cheer right along with us when the baby takes that first step, then goes off to college, gets that first job and succeeds in life.


That person who wants us to get the job as badly as we do because they understand how much it means to us.....


...and the friend who toasts our clean house for the magical thing it is, but wouldn't care if there were toys and clothes knee deep when she stopped by for a visit.  

But y'all....I get it!  It's hard to find the time to get together with friends, and if you don't have anyone to call on, in good OR bad times, where do you go to FIND that person.  Where do you find the time in this hectic, crazy, busy life to make it all work?

I invite you to join the Friends on Purpose Project


This project is designed to help you find the people in your community, to show you ways to reach out to others, and to give you ideas on fitting a most important piece of your puzzle into your life:  Having someone who is there for you as you are for them....someone you can call....



Y' many of the demons we battle today - from anxiety to postpartum depression - are made infinitely worse by the fact that we are so often physically alone. Let’s use a supportive online community to help encourage us, as introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts, to build an in-person village that will inspire and help us take care of ourselves.


So, what exactly IS the Friends On Purpose Project?

The Friends on Purpose Project is a 28 day Facebook Group designed to inspire, encourage, and challenge you to make in-person friendships. Your guides will be nine incredible women - writers, activists, and business owners - who are passionate about community. Every day, you’ll be invited to respond to a call to action, and you’ll be surrounded by a warm, encouraging group of women who are also working to spark, grow, and deepen their real life friendships. As you share your experiences, you’ll be cheered on, and even be rewarded with some sweet giveaways! 

This journey begins on Sunday, April 8th, but you'll want to go ahead and sign up now with the link below.  As soon as you do, I'll send you an email with these details so you'll have it right where you can find it:  in your email inbox!

There will be a link to the Facebook Group, where you can look around, watch the intro videos from your hosts, and get comfortable in the group.  There will be a place to introduce yourself, and I'm betting you'll find some friends in the group, too.  


Then the daily prompts begin on Sunday, 4/8/18 ~ and the fun begins!

It's going to be a glorious journey ~ and I can't wait to see you there!

Glitter & Grace,