Glitter & Grace Gathering!!



It's Happening in Hickory, NC !!!

July 19-21, 2019

Are you ready for the Most Fabulous

Glitter & Grace Gathering


Join the Glitter Dome Goddess Tribe in Hickory for a weekend full of Laughter, a howling good time with the best friends you've never met (yet), some Southern Throw Down Partying annndddd....

a Dance Party to end all Dance Parties!!!

Friday ~

The Weekend will Kick off on Friday Night with a gathering of friends old and new ~ the squeals of laughter as you see friends you first met a year ago (or two or three!), and friends you've been waiting to meet for so long you can't even remember when you became 'online friends', will flow through the halls like the glitter bomb of all glitter bombs and just make you smile.

We'll gather for dinner at 7:00 pm at the Event Hotel.  Dinner will be your responsibility, but the hotel has an awesome restaurant that's very reasonable and has delicious food.  There are multiple restaurants close by and a delivery service as well.

The Photo Booth will be open, the bar will have a Signature G3 drink special, and fun will be had by all!

Saturday ~ 

We'll be hanging out in the Hospitality Suite Saturday morning, enjoying a light, continental breakfast with each other, planning our day, catching up on Friday nights never-ending conversations and taking our sweet time enjoying that 2nd (or 3rd...don't worry, we won't tell!) cup of coffee and realizing getting away for a couple of days is pretty epic.


The list of things to do (or not do) is long....


  • Stroll around a beautiful mountain town, enjoying shops and boutiques, stopping for lunch at a local bistro, and taking in beautiful scenery...

  • Visit one of the many wineries close by, enjoy live music, check out the views for miles and taste our local, delicious wines...

  • Shop our eclectic downtown area, or the mall (across the street!), or any of the many chain and local stores for those summer time bargains...

  • Book a mini photo shoot (held at the hotel!) and get the pictures you've always wanted, and have fun doing it...

  • Schedule a spa day at one of the many local spas that will pamper you beyond belief, with everything from a massage to a manicure...

  • Visit the outlet shops, choose between two famous malls and grab all the bargains...

  • Eat brunch, lunch, and a snack just because you're on vacation and you can....

  • Swim, sun, or.....take a nap!!!!

The day is yours to enjoy, to do every thing possible, or nothing at all....

Saturday Night ~ 

The party really kicks up Saturday night! 


There will be Dancing, and Singing, and a Show!

The "Your Fabulous is Showing" show will happen at 7:00 pm, followed by the most Epic Dance Party evah!  We'll kick off our shoes, turn up the tunes, bring on the mic, and party like it's 1999...or... 2019, which is even BETTER!!!

The Photo Booth will stay open, there will be a special G3 Drink available at the bar and we'll sing and dance until we just can't sing and dance any more!

Sunday Morning ~

We'll say our good-byes, we'll exchange phone numbers and last hugs, and make sure we've sent each other all the pictures we took and promise to check in when we make it home.

As we gather in the Event Hotel lobby, laughter (and maybe a few tears) will remind us that good memories stay around longer, help us shine brighter and keep us coming back for more!


Things you need to know ~

  • The Fee to enjoy this epic event is only $30!!

  • The Fee is non-refundable.

  • This does not include any meals or beverages.

  • You are welcome to find lodging at any area hotel, and links will be provided after your ticket is purchased. Several local hotels have given us a special rate, including the Event Hotel.

  • The Mini Photo Shoot is not included, but can be booked after your ticket is purchased and link will be provided.

  • Your Fee covers the Dance Party, the "Your Fabulous is Showing" show, the Photo Booth, and the Saturday morning continental breakfast.

Y'all...I can't WAIT to see you again this summer at G3!

This is truly a Glitter & Grace Gathering,

where you get your groove on, laugh and giggle until you cry, meet women who are just like you and remind yourself that a few days away is just what you needed to get back on track!

Grab your girlfriends and make plans to be in Hickory, NC on July 19 for the most epic of Girls Weekends!


Click here to get your tickets




After signing up for the event, you'll be sent an email by 2/15/19, added to a secret Facebook Group, given the links and discount codes for the hotels and more details about the agenda!

I can't WAIT to see you at the Glitter and Grace Gathering in July!!

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