I don't even need to read all

those words...just gimme!

I help you open doors...

THAT's an Intro Statement.


Do you struggle with WHAT to say when someone asks what you do?  


Do you toss out paragraphs of $5 words and watch people glaze over, walk away and nod just to be polite?

Do you wonder
WHY no one asks you to 'tell me more?'


Intro Statements are my Speciality.  I can take your paragraph of $5 words and turn it into a short Intro Statement that makes people eager to learn more about what you do, grabs their attention and lets YOU shine as you follow up with a conversation.

For only $35, you can get your

INTRO Statement and start

WOWing people everywhere you go!  

When you purchase the Intro Statement, we'll hop on a quick call so I can get more info, hear what you say and find out the nitty gritty about

YOUR business.

And THEN the magic happens!  I'll craft the perfect INTRO Statement and you'll go knock 'em out with your fabuliciousness!
(That's totally a word...)

YAAAASSSSS!  Give me One!!

PS ~ I'll contact you via Facebook Messenger when you purchase,

so be on the lookout for my message!

What Others Have Said....

Candie Conat

Hearing Sasha explain the INTRO Statement and helping us brainstorm was one of my favorite things!

Mallory Schlabach

Sasha's Intro Statement solidified for me how to easily tell people what I do without feeling weird about it !

Sarah Moore

I love that the intro statement means I don't actually have to give myself a title. What do you do? "I create CEOs" I don't have to say 'well.... I'm a biz strategist or strategic planner or .... whatever'.

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