I've been told many times that laughter is the best medicine.

And while I whole heartedly agree, sometimes it's tough to
laugh at your life when you feel like it's spinning out of control, when you lack the self confidence you know is buried deep down inside you somewhere or when you've let fear take control and tell you crazy things that just aren't true.


I’m a Motivational Mindset Mentor for individuals and business owners. I specialize in finding the positive in a negative world and helping others rediscover their self confidence, kick the self doubt, and use humor along your journey to make even the roughest roads smooth.


Good gravy train, what on earth does all THAT mean?

I'm glad you asked...


It means I have a special talent of digging deep inside your soul and finding the light inside, the one you thought had gone out long ago and was no where to be found.

It means returning the joy to your life and
loving who you are now, instead of trying to find who you used to be.

It means you gain the self confidence you need to break through whatever barrier has been holding you back.

It means loving
yourself from the outside in....

And the reason I do what I do, is because I know what it's like to want those things, and not have a single clue how to find them.

I speak, and
mentor, from a place in my soul that has experienced enough grief, pain and heartache to last me several life times and I have days that threaten to overwhelm me and even the smallest tasks seem unmanageable. 

But I have made it my mission to continue my journey with humor and light, and to share the ups and downs and the things I've learned along the way.  My goal is to help you figure out how to find your joy, love yourself from the outside in and get through each day with a little bit of glitter and grace.

I'd be honored to work with you on your journey.

I do this with 1:1 sessions, mini group sessions and public speaking. 

How do you know what's best for you?     Let's talk about it!

(The calendar link is at the bottom of this page.)

Mini Group Sessions:

At least two times a month there will be mini group sessions offered, with a maximum of 10 participants for each 1/2 hour session.

These mini group sessions will be $20 per person, and cover topics including self confidence, self doubt, and self care.

They will be held via Zoom (totally free and fun!) and will be recorded and emailed to each group!

If you would like to be notified when these are scheduled, gimme your info below and I'll make sure you know via email so you can decide if that particular one is right for you!

These group sessions will be on a first come basis and will likely sell out! 

Your Journey: 5 ways to increase Daily Joy

If  you hang around with me very long, then you'll hear me do a few things quite often:


Say something sarcastic

Talk about your journey

I believe we get to choose joy every single day and that our journey is never ending.  Our paths may cross, dead end, need to pause, speed up or make a u-turn.  

But they continue as long as We continue.  And continuing is the most important part.

I've put together a list of 5 ways to increase Daily Joy and it's yours absolutely free.

Drop your info below and then check your email!

Glitter & Grace! 

What others have said...


YOU are such a true blessing to me, and others as well!!! THANK YOU for being the AMAZINGLY, WONDERFUL woman you are.  You are FABULOUS, and such a beautiful person inside and out.

I speak from my heart and believe in telling people how I feel about them. You are an inspiration to me and give me courage and confidence every time I listen to you. Your voice is comforting and calm...and let’s not forget how HILARIOUS you are!!


Thank you for being you and sharing positive and loving words to all of your fans! God bless you, much love and blessings to you.


Thank you, Sasha.


After many months of seeing your episode of the Always with Me podcast in my library, I finally listened to it last night. Your words about how long it takes to arrive at a particular place in life were wonderful to hear.


"So what if it takes 25 years?" you said.


Wonderful. Thank you for sharing from your journey.


Sasha, thanks to you I feel comfortable taking selfie's! I see positive things when I look at myself!


Thank you so much!


I just want to tell you thank you for being you, inspiring and positive.  I just love being part of your tribe and it helps me more than you know!


Just want you to know what a Beautiful Gemstone you are. Thank you for making my day every morning. You touch so many Hearts and Souls, thank ya ever so much from my Heart.

Sasha, I just want to thank you. I re-posted your #youlookwonderful post and so many of my friends are so happy. Thank you for giving me the ability to do so tonight by forwarding your post. God Bless You.

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