Strategy Session

How can This be....

You have a business, and you don't hate it, but you don't
love it as much anymore either.

You have this burning desire to do something completely
different.  Or maybe it's a shift, a minor change in what you're offering that will make a big difference.  Or it could be something you've wanted to do for a long time but the time just wasn't right...until now.

It happens to a lot of us.....we forge ahead in a business we've built from scratch, we are doing pretty good (or not so good) and then IT happens:  we know we want to do something else!


If you've decided it's time to pivot and go in a completely different direction (or a similar one that's just sorta like a left turn), a Pivot Strategy Session will help you jump tracks smoothly and seamlessly, without losing steam in the process. 


1 hour Pivot Strategy Session



Follow up Session

Let's talk about what you've done since our Strategy Session! 

If you want 'eyes on your work', or want to go over your plans, then a Follow Up Session is what you need.

30 minute Follow Up Session


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