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Do you have a Manifesto?

Some days I look around and wonder how in the firetruck I got here. What path did I take that lead me to this particular point in my world.

I’m pretty sure it was the one with ruts, curves, and potholes and the signs were worn out and couldn’t be read.

But I decided to forge on, heading out on an unplanned adventure just to see where it took me.

Apparently it took me here.

Life is funny that way.

It’s an unpredictable, beautiful, terrifying, rebellious ride, and yes, you can get off any time you like, but I want a front seat every single time.


Wherever the untamed roads take me, I’m willing to go….I don’t want to wait to be invited, I don’t want to worry about fitting in, or apologize because the puzzle pieces of my soul don’t match the ones laid out before me.

I want to live in the stillness, and I want to live in the chaos. I want to feel the wind beneath my wings and discover wild souls that inspire me to greatness.

I want to calm the storm when it’s at its wildest, and breathe in the magic when the moon dances with the stars. I want to destroy the illusions that tell me I’m less than worthy of all my wishes and dreams and then remind them all that this woman…

THIS WOMAN walks with her head held high, her soul bared for all to love, with power in each step and glory held in her hands.


These words are what I call my ‘manifesto’….which declares my intentions, to myself or anyone that reads them. I only know a handful of people that have written something similar because it’s not something we even think about.

We’re too busy trying to figure out what pants to wear and if they’re clean to stop and think about dreams and hopes, wishes and magic.

But wouldn’t the world be a little cooler, and maybe a little more understanding if we all wrote our manifesto….telling the world what we wanted from life if we had the choice.

I imagine business cards printed, and when you met someone new, you’d hand them one (and they’d actually take the 30 seconds to read it), and then they’d know.

They’d know your heart. They’d know your dreams, and the way you declared your life to be.

But the list of "criteria" for living a good life seems to be a check list of material successes:

Job ✓

Home ✓

Family ✓

Car ✓

I'm waiting for someone to ask me if I'm...


At peace


Having Fun....

Let’s change the world, ok?

Let’s begin by declaring the way you want to live this life you’ve been given…this one life where you can have days filled with magic, and a little glitter tossed in to make them sparkle.

What’s your manifesto?

How to you want to LIVE?

Glitter & Grace,


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