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Fiery power

The boxes burned quickly, empty hulls made of cardboard and tape, flames wrapping around themselves in a vortex of fiery power.

Hours earlier, these same boxes held the very treasures my parents spent a lifetime collecting. They were worthy of the task and held up their end of the bargain, keeping keepsakes safe, tidy, and out of harms way. Now they were empty and clear of the contents that made them valuable, so they were tossed away, no longer needed or wanted….a burden of chaos in a world searching for order. I couldn’t help but think how often we toss away the things we are and who we have become, thinking we are a burden in a world not ready for our power, our strength, or our magnitude. It’s too easy to just look at the outside of the box, and not realize what’s inside. The contents are easily hidden, taped shut to keep the world out and our thoughts in.

Perhaps we should BE the vortex of fiery power, tossing away the boxes that keep us hidden, our strengths tapped down and our souls taped shut. Show your fire every chance you get, you sparkly glitter goddess… one can hold you down! with Glitter & Grace, Sasha

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