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I ain't lyin....

We believe the lies we tell ourselves.

We’re not good enough……We’re too much…..We won’t be able to make it…..We aren’t worthy.

We’re quick to believe those lies, and when others tell us truths, we toss those aside like worn out pieces of fabric, too tattered to be useful.

But those lies keep coming….and we keep on believing.

Who needs others to bring us down when we do SUCH a good job of it ourselves?

My lies tell me I'm too old, too out of touch, too loud, too everything.....and I have believed those lies many times.

Would we tell our best friend these things?

Not a chance….we’d build her up like she was the super hero of our dreams.

But we can change it….

Let’s all make a pact RIGHT HERE, RIGHT THIS MINUTE to stop the lies.

STOP STOP STOP the lies we tell ourselves.

Catch them before they form in your mind or spill from your lips. Know they are not worth your thoughts or your breath, and do not think or speak them again.

Let’s build ourselves up and when we falter and start to stumble over the path of well worn truths, know that we’ll be here to catch you and give you a hand back up.

And when you hear your tribe speaking lies about themselves, hush them before the words have the chance to land on her soul, and do even more damage…..

Stop the lies.

I'm stopping them RIGHT HERE RIGHT THIS MINUTE for me.

You are a magnificent, fabulous, amazing soul and you deserve all the wonder of the world.

Glitter & Grace,


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