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I have no idea....

How do I?

This seems to be my question often…..

I must have missed the class where they told you all the stuff that I don’t know, and now I’m just trying to catch up any way I can.

In business coaching, I often say to people who are struggling with #allthethings that go with a new business, “It’s not that you don’t know the answers, it’s that you don’t know the questions….”

This is so true in life, too.

While I was over ‘here’ learning how to create words that touched someone’s soul, I missed out on learning how to cook meals that warmed someone all over.

While you were over ‘there’ learning how to mend seams that held together rainy days and playdates, you might have missed out on learning how to drive a stick shift around a race track at 2:00 am on a clear Saturday morning.

There’s only so much we can take in and experience, so naturally we miss pieces of life that would benefit us, from learning how to cook, to teach, to fly, to create, to just ‘be’ in a place we are unfamiliar in.

Every day I discover answers to questions I never knew existed….who knew these things? Why didn’t I know these things? I didn’t even know to ask!!

Then I realize there have to be others out there that don’t know the ‘things’ that I know, just as I don’t know the things they know…..

And I think, what a wonderful ‘thing’ it would be…..if we could just gather together around the table, coffee cup, wine glass, or iced tea in hand, and just tell what we know to each other….

No judgement, no choruses of “You didn’t know that?” floating around to make you feel less of whatever simply because that wasn’t one of the questions you needed answering yet.

Simply knowledge being shared, answers being given, tips being told, and life being made easier.

Yes, a very wonderful thing indeed…..

What do you know....what can you share with someone that would make their life easier?

with Glitter & Grace,


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