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Just under the surface, there I am...

It’s easy to be a ‘surface’ person….I am.

We all are.

We see people we know in the grocery store, the car rider line, at work, and every day life.

How’s your family?

How’s the job?





Surface answers because it’s much easier to just say Fine than start down a trail of issues that you’re having…..that we’re all having.

And how do you decide what to share with Tommy’s mom that you only see every other month at the PTO meeting?

Do you just open up and spill out the crazy family drama that’s got you so balled up you can barely breathe?

Do you see Jenny at the post office and all of a sudden start telling her about how your brother’s chemo treatments aren’t working and you’re scared to death that it’s NOT going to work?

No, you don’t. We don’t. I don’t.




So fine that we’re crying in the shower and screaming when we drop the poptart, and feel like we can’t take one more step.

I see you.

I feel you.

I am you.

We are afraid to share the hard pieces of our world, afraid people will turn away and run, not really interested in how we are.

Sometimes that’s true.

Not here.

Not Today.

Know this: you are so amazing in all that you do, all that you carry, all that you shoulder. You will come through this, too, because just LOOK at what you’ve already come through before.

And if you feel like letting something go that you have just been waiting to spill into the world to release it from your soul, KNOW THIS: There will be NO judgment if you choose to share it here.



Release it from your soul and let the burden go for just a little while....

Because there’s nothing but love for you right here

Glitter & Grace,


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