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Weird works

These days are just weird.

I’m not sure there’s another word that is as fitting as just….weird.

I’ve said them all, in this stay-at-home and try to do it all state we’re in. I’m not a teacher (and NOW I know that it was a blessing my path didn’t take me there, as much as I wanted it to…have mercy!), I’m not good at not going anywhere, and the unknown is driving me nuts.

So whatever you’re feeling, however you’re dealing, wherever you are as you go through this…you’re not alone.

We’re all feeling….weird.

Nope, I’ve not organized a single thing, I haven’t taken up any new hobbies, nor have I learned a new language or how to cook.

I have survived.

And some days, that’s a win.

Ok, most days…that’s a win.

So if you’ve survived this weird time, you’ve won, too.

Cheers to you my friend….I’m raising my almost empty, probably cold by now, coffee cup to ya!

with Glitter & Grace,


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