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Where oh where could this belong???

While I was unpacking dish towels, I found THIS.

Now....We don't have any plain, square, white napkins, dishtowels, or any other kinds of pieces of fabric like I can ONLY assume we 'borrowed' it from a restaurant for what was, I'M SURE, a very important reason.

And since it was in the clean towels, I can also only assume I washed it and have EVERY INTENTION of returning it.

But...since I have ZERO recollection of this 'alleged event' taking place, I can't return it to it's rightful owner.

I only wish I could remember what was so important so long ago that I was brazen enough to wrap it in a napkin that wasn't mine and cart it home.

I hope it was chocolate.....

What stories can you tell....have you don't something similar?

We'll never tell ! with Glitter, Grace & Giggles, Sasha

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