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 When you need a speaker that will resonate with your audience, one who has been in the trenches, figured out how to dig out and find success, bought the T-Shirt, wore it out, then got another one in a bigger size....then you need Sasha.


 Attending anything Sasha presents is a guaranteed awesome experience. She is real and relatable with the right amount of humor and chutzpah.

I’ve never been so entertained while learning so much.

If only all speakers were this perfect combination! 

So often, business women have the talent, the skills, the know-how and all the other pieces of a successful business. But they STILL doubt themselves. They STILL don't have the self-confidence that allows them to share their offers.


They STILL have the imposter syndrome that slaps them in the face every time they consider success and what the future would look like 'if only'.


Sasha takes the 'if only' parts, turn them into 'yes' and 'why not?' and shows them how to make getting past the negative mindset a normal, everyday occurrence.

Thank you, Sasha for helping me to think outside of the box! 

You will never know how much your positive words have inspired me and

I am so blessed that our paths have crossed!


Alicia Coffey, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

The biggest challenge is getting past your own mindset of what you can accomplish with what you already know, are capable of and have already done.


The fear holding you back is inside your own head, and with the right motivation, the right words, the right thoughts and thought processes, plus the strategy to put it all in place, you will find it easier to get out of your own way!

Sasha Gray is an inspiring motivational speaker. She is funny and sets her audience at ease immediately. She breaks down complex topics into easy-to-follow steps and helps everyone feel like they can implement them. She inspired me to work harder and do more, which is a huge success for any motivational speaker!

She’s an asset for any event and audience.


If you're ready to hire a speaker that will:

  • Make a difference to your audience

  • Entertain and resonate with everyone

  • Be Accessible

  • Make it easy for you as an event coordinator

  • Understand the dynamics of a room

  • Want to engage and interact

Then you have found her.

Let's connect:  sasha@scatteredsasha.com

After seeing Sasha speak in person, I was able to go back to my office and

really apply the things that she taught.

I've never seen a speaker with so much energy and passion.

Her insight and ability to be so real on stage made

me feel like she was talking directly to me.

I can't wait to see her speak again!


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Sasha is a motivational humorist who's zone of genius is business strategy.

She can listen to your issues, and immediately her brain starts working on ways to make things better....often a mindset switch, a tweak, an entire revamp, or just words of 'Yep, you're doing a great thing here'.

She has an uncanny ability to make everyone she talks to feel at ease, understand their goals and want to do better because she's in their corner.

As a speaker, I've never seen anyone connect to an audience the way Sasha does.

She's hilarious.

She is real.

She speaks her truth which is wrapped up in all our truths and we recognize ourselves in her stories of success, heart ache, failure and this crazy journey known as life.

Everyone wants to be her BFF and hang out in her world.


Suzanne Harrow, conference coordinator

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