Shareable Content:

The Secret to

Organic Growth

Skip the hoopla, and gimme the goods! I already KNOW I want this course!

Have you struggled with Facebook?  

                     Are you trying to figure out why only 12 people see your post?  

Do you wonder WHAT to post?

                  How often to post?  

                           And for the love of timex, how much is TOO much to post?

Would you LOVE to actually GET Engagement and EYES on your post so you could actually get SALES from Facebook?

Do you even know HOW to say 'algorithm', much less WHAT it means?



Well, the Facebook UnScattered Course:  
"Shareable Content ~ The Secret to Organic Growth"
will answer these questions and many others.


This course will give you the secrets I've learned while growing my page to a quarter million fans with a monthly reach of 2+ million.  Find out how to navigate the system, what works (and why), and the #1 tip I tell EVERYONE that asks about HOW I grew my page organically to over 250,000 fans. 

And....the most incredible part?

It's ONLY $ 46.38 !!

This is a digital course that will be emailed to you (via the email you used with paypal) within 24 hours of your purchase.  If you prefer to use a different email for delivery of the content, please let me know:

What Others Have Said....

Micala Quinn

"...I took this course 2 days ago, and my reach is up DRAMATICALLY!  Sasha is hilarious, an amazing teacher and what she teaches, Works!"

Sarah Lenzini

I just wanted to share a win! I did as Scattered Sasha said and commented on a post of a complimentary page and then shared their content and they came back to my page and commented on my shared post! I purposely chose them because I noticed they were very engaged with their followers! Yay!

Tara Clancy

Sasha, I just used the share strategy you gave us in the is THE BOMB! Thank you for sharing your expertise and taking the guess work out of FB for me! :)

Alexa Bigwarfe

We just wrapped up the Shareable Content course with Sasha Gray. One hour jam-packed with info on growing your Facebook page (ie, more people to sell your book to! More social proof if you're trying to get picked up for a publisher... more everything!)

I've been doing social media for almost 5 years, I've interviewed Sasha four times and I STILL learned things I didn't know.

Thanks Sasha for this great event.

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STILL not sure if this is the course for you?

I get it ~ there's a TON of info out there, so why believe just another sales page?


Here's why:  

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