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Fire Therapy

We sat outside around the fire, everyone holding a stick with a droopy marshmallow on the end, our graham cracker and chocolate ready and waiting for the creation to be complete.

Truth be told, I'd have MUCH rather have been inside on the couch, with my phone and/or laptop, writing and scrolling, or even tackling the mountain of never ending chores that line our life like a second skin.

But, here I was....outsiding.

I don't outside.

I like to use the 'I'm deathly allergic to bees' excuse, but I have never liked the outside.  It's just not my thing.

But there I was, getting smoke in my eyes, thinking the shirt I was wearing would need to be washed immediately, and how I really didn't even like s'mores.

And then I heard the laughter of a certain 10 year old, and saw the ease and smile of my husband and felt the need to stop and let the sounds, the tastes and yes, even the smoke roll over me and try to enjoy it.

I didn't enjoy it, really.  And that's ok.  I did, however, sit there and soak it all in.  I saw the happiness and felt the love and realized I didn't have to like what they liked, but I could still enjoy their world for small bits of time, much like they enjoyed my world.

So, remember you don't have to take giant steps to change something....small baby steps still get you there.

Fabulous Experiences

One of my favorite sayings is, "I don't have any regrets, only Fabulous Experiences".

Is that true? How can that Possibly be true? How could a horrible life event, full of drama, misery or pain be a Fabulous Experience?

Honestly, it probably can't.  

But I'm talking about REGRETS....those things that we wish we had done, or hadn't done because of another possible outcome.

I just can't live wondering about the what if's and it's those moments that I turn into Fabulous Experiences.

Does it have to be intentional?

Does it have to be something I work toward to rid my mind of the what if's and try to find a Fabulous Experience every single time?

You betcha.

And it's SO worth it because rather than look back and wonder what if, I can look back and remember something that came out of the regret instead.

Sometimes that's a changed mind, an UNmissed opportunity, or a different path.  But if I remind myself of my "No Regrets, only Fabulous Experiences" policy, I can change my direction and discover something new and maybe, even better....

1990.....that's about 10 years ago, right?

Pretty Woman was on the other night.

I was sure it came out about 10 or 15 years ago.  Julia Roberts hasn't aged hardly at all, and really, I think Richard Gere looks good no matter how old he is, so I didn't exactly factor in their 'aging' looks.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Pretty Woman came out in 1990.

27 years ago y'all.

27 years!!! 

But it still hold my favorite quote ever:  "Big mistake! Big. HUGE!"  I can fit that sucker in so many places, you wouldn't even believe it! 

So I started thinking back...all the way back to 1990, and discovered just how much the world has changed in 27 years.

  • Facebook hadn't been invented and Mark Zuckerberg was only 6 years old.

  • Cell phones were giant contraptions housed in bags and used by the rich and famous.  Oh, and they had to connect to your land line - ha!

  • We took pictures with cameras and had to wait for our pictures to be developed to see what they looked like (and we had photo albums!).

  • If you wanted to read a book, you bought or borrowed a with pages made of paper with covers made of heavy stock or cardboard covered in pretty wrappers.  

  • When we wanted a telephone number, we had to look it up in a telephone book, or call directory assistance.  

  • We didn't know what the word "Google" meant!!!!

Crazy, right? 

But I just gotta tell ya ~ I bet the NEXT 27 years is gonna blow us ALL away!

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