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Jumpstart:  To enliven or revive; to give new energy

Have mercy, don't we all need a Jumpstart every now and then?

I believe we do, so I created a version that's easy to complete, gives you the tools you need, and gets you going on the path to living your best life.

These Twist Your Thinking Jumpstart sessions will be delivered in 3 emails, (one on each of 3 days) with each email to include a short video (who has time for hours of video?  Not me....or you!), and a form to complete as you follow along, if you're the note taking kinda person.  

Think of these as a 'challenge' to get you back on track,

the accountability partner you wish you had,

and the jumpstart you need 

because sometimes we all need a little push...


They are available for purchase separately with each one focusing on a different area of life, from goals and dreams to dealing with the energy vampires that suck our soul dry at every turn.

The start dates are listed below. Once your purchase is complete, you'll get a welcome email and then on the start date, the first email will show up in your email box by 6:00 am ET.  (Is the email you used to pay for the Twist Your Thinking Jumpstart the same one you want to use each day for the emails?  If not, lemme know!)


Are you ready to Twist Your Thinking with a Jumpstart Session?

Then let's do it!


Each Jump Start session is only $19.00

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