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Held in person, these workshops Twist Your Thinking about Business, Motivation, and Strategy, and the work that goes into each.

With topics that cover everything from Social Media to Networking, and Pricing to Mindset, these workshops can be custom built for your team, your employees, your downline, or any audience you are tasked with overseeing.  


Taught with clear, concise methods, these workshops are custom created based on my signature strategies, systems, and processes plus the insider secrets that got me on television in my 20's giving away major awards for one of the world's biggest brands, to becoming a social media influencer with millions reached each month.  

You will walk away from a Twist Your Thinking workshop with: 

  • Actionable steps

  • Strategies you can implement immediately

  • PDF booklet with notes

  • Questions answered

  • Knowledge of the 'why' behind the strategy

If you're ready to book your workshop and get on my calendar, email me:



I also offer Twist Your Thinking workshops that are open to the public,

which will be listed below when scheduled.

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