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UnBreakable Party!!!

Life Coaching with a Twist of Real Life!
Presented by
Sasha Gray
Master Life Coach

Y'all know I like to mix things up, break the rules,

and make life fun, right?

Well, I'm hosting Virtual UnBreakable Parties ~ full of motivation, fun, give aways, and life coaching with a Twist of Real Life! 

I've spoken to thousands of people across the nation at virtual and in person conferences for the last 10 years.   NOW, I want to bring all that (and MUCH more) to you, for a fraction of the cost.


I know right now it's CRAZY TOWN all over the place, and I think we ALL need a little fun tossed in.  So this "conference" will be a little different.... 




It's a party to begin with! 

There will be dancing! There will be FUN!  There will be Give Aways!

But....there will also be life coaching sessions, training on how to deal with all the chaos and crazy our life is tossing at us right now and sessions designed JUST for you!

Sound pretty awesome?



They are available for purchase separately with each one focusing on a different area of life, from goals and dreams to dealing with the energy vampires that suck our soul dry at every turn.

Click below to get your tickets for whichever session you want to join. Once your purchase is complete, you'll get an email with the zoom link (won't be active until start time/day) and then on the start day, you'll get a reminder 30 minutes before show time! 


Here's the deal-io:

  • ​We'll meet on Zoom (free web based platform)

  • Each party will be 1 hour long

  • Give aways will be for attendees that are on during the party

  • There are limited spots per session

  • All times are Eastern Time Zone

  • The cost is $4.00 per person per session


Did you read that right?

Did I forget to put an extra -0- after that price?

Is this a typo that will charge me more after I hit 'buy'? are not seeing things!!

I am charging $4.00 per person per session!


Am I crazy?  Maybe.  But I want everyone to be able to have fun, enjoy an hour of learning, feel like they have a chance of getting a handle on the chaos and leave feeling like tomorrow will be fabulous!  

Because I 1000% believe it WILL BE FABULOUS!!


 Are you ready to join an UnBreakable Party

like you've never seen before? 

Then let's do this!!!

Payment Info:

I use Paypal because it's the most popular cart option.  You do NOT have to have a Paypal account to purchase a ticket.  You can use a debit or credit card.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

1-19-21 at 8:30 pm

We all have Goals, both personal and professional, but your goals need to be S.M.A.R.T. to give them the Umph (totally a word) to get you where you want to go!


$4 per person

FEAR-How to Deal with it!

1-28-21 at 8:30 pm

Fear...we ALL have it. Did you know some Fears are actually good for you?  And some are totally crippling.

Find out the difference, and how to deal with those that hang around!


$4 per person

The Emotional Scale

2-2-21 at 8:30 pm

As humans, we all experience a wide range of emotions, from despair through joy.  As you move up or down the emotional scale, the emotions become more intensely felt, and it's So important to understand how it effects you and those you love.


$4 per person

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