It's a Party, y'all!!!!

Part Dance Party, part Girls Night Out, part Glitter Filled Celebration....the Your Fabulous is Showing Party will check all the boxes for the perfect evening out!

So, grab your girlfriends, grab your mom, your sister, your besties, your co-workers...heck, ask all the women you know that need a night out, a dance party plus a celebration and let's do this!!!!

Look what's


Meet new friends, mingle, laugh, and get your giggle on

The perfect time to gather with your besties, your girlfriends, your sisters, your tribe....and meet new members to add to that always needed group of women that just know you and love you exactly as you are!!  You'll laugh, you'll giggle, you'll swear you've known each other forevah.....there will be phone numbers swapped, connections made and coffee dates set up.  It will be glorious!!

Your Fabulous is Showing Live Show by Sasha

A little bit of motivation, a little bit of story telling, a little bit of hanging with your girlfriends, and a whole lotta life tossed into an hour of laugh-til-it-hurts live show with'll be best friends by the end!  (PS - if you need to watch Sasha in action, you can do that here:                       ) 

Dance Party

"Do ya wanna dance with me?"​ she said in her best Whitney impression!  You know there has to be a dance party!  After the show, we'll kick off our shoes, put on some tunes and just have FUN dancing!  I love to dance, it's good for the soul and makes me happy!  It's just can't be mad if you're dancing!!!

Photo Booth! Snap all those pics with your besties

The glitter backdrop will be up and ready for you to take as

many pictures as you like....grab a boa, grab a hat, grab a sign

and pose like the amazing, magnificent creatures of the

universe that you are!

Fun Props and Accessories for Photo Booth

Have you always wanted to toss a boa over your shoulder, glam up and pose?  Maybe you love the signs that say things like "Diva" or "Fabulous" or "Just my everyday outfit" ....yep, they'll be there!  Funny glasses? Check.  Hats?  Check.  New profile picture? Check.

Coffee and Dessert

I'm a coffee girl and ... well....when I found out we could have brownies and cookies for dessert, I'm like...Yes please!!  

Oh yeah....every ticket

includes the book:

'Your Fabulous is Showing' !!

                                                                       a $25 value!

Part Journal, Part Life Guide, Part Coloring Book, and Part Lesson Book, Your Fabulous is Showing draws you in with the funny stories about every day life, and guides you with the life lessons you need to navigate the pitfalls and construction zones along your journey.

Are you ready to ParTay like 

Your Fabulous is Showing??? 

Then get your tickets now...there are limited seats at each location and when they're gone...

They're gone!

Only $39 per person!!


Tickets are non-refundable.

If you can't attend for some reason, you may transfer your ticket or

have your copy of the book mailed to you. 

Please email if you are unable to attend and want to make arrangements for a ticket transfer or have your book mailed to you.

Dates and Locations

2/23/19        Knoxville, TN   ~     6:00 - 9:00 pm                     

3/22/19        Atlanta, GA

3/23/19        Jacksonville, FL

4/19/19         One Woman Summit/Fearless Woman

5/19               Dates and Locations TBA!

I can't wait to see you!

Glitter & Grace,

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