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It's so good to see you here....even if 'here' is inside this little screen!  If we were meeting in person, I'd offer you a glass of sweet tea, some coffee, a glass of wine or whatever it was you wanted....we'd sit and chat for a while about everything and nothing, laugh as much as possible and hug when we said, "see ya soon"....

I'm Sasha and love connecting with old, friendly souls that love to dance as much as I do, laugh (loudly!) at the most inappropriate times, and want to live their best life. 


I don't believe in any extra guilt, judging others, or fat-free salad dressing. 

I do believe in good vibes, good words, and the power they hold.

So.....Who is Sasha?

As a Speaker and Writer, Certified Master Life Coach and Business Coach, I like to toss glitter and grace all over the place and remind you how fabulous you really are.  I spent a lot of years waiting to hear that from others, and when I finally realized that I had the power to let myself know I was fabulous, then the world changed. 


I am passionate about living my best life and don't want to waste one single second worrying about what others might think of me, waiting for the right time or letting fear keep me from my next big adventure.

And sometimes, those adventures mean I'm going to the drive thru for dinner because life got in the way or the chaos was too much to handle.

It's called balance, it's called life, it's called reality, and I live it every single day.

Which means, I'm exactly like you!


I've built a community of like minded women, shared business strategies with thousands, and danced with hundreds at Glitter & Grace Gatherings.  It sure doesn't mean I have it all together, or that I even know where I put it.  

It just means I like living my best life and I want the very same thing for you.

Join me on this journey.....

The Glitter & Grace Club, the Scattered Sasha Facebook page, or one of the live events might be just what you're looking for.

Now, let's get this party started!!

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