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Scattered Thoughts

The monthly-ish newsletter filled with good stuff, happiness, maybe a little glitter and some grace!

Cover only Your Journey_ 5 ways to incre

Daily Joy

We all need a little more Daily Joy in our lives.  This e-book gives you 5 ways to increase yours!

We all Need a little help from our frien

Who Helps You?

We all get by with a little help from our friends.  Sometimes it's good to figure out who those people are.  This worksheet will help!

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Twist Your Thinking
1 minute Tips!

Got a minute?
Watch a Twist Your Thinking Tip and see what happens when you Twist Your Thinking to a

positive way!

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Glitter & Grace Journey

The Glitter & Grace Journey is a free 10 day online journey filled with the goodness your soul needs to find more glitter & grace.

How the Labels we Wear Define us - COVER

What's Your Label

Don't let someone else Label you with words that they choose.  Grab this Free e-book and choose your own!

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You're WHO?

Feeling like you don't belong where because you don't deserve to be there?  This Free e-book will show you how to conquer that feeling!

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Positive Affirmations

Do they work?  Yes. I've brought myself through a life fraught with chaos & slapped together with pixie dust and tequila, and positive affirmations have helped.

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Sometimes you just want to have a conversation with the cool new woman you just met. This is where the conversation continues.

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Self Care Calendars

Self Care doesn't have to cost a crazy amount of money or time.  These daily ideas are easy to implement and either free or inexpensive!