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What in the Wide World of Fairy Dust is

The Glitter & Grace Club?

It's a State of Mind, a magical fairy-dust filled land where good things happen, laughter is heard and sprinkles of

sparkly love are in every corner.

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This Fabulous Membership Club includes:

A Short, Sweet, DAILY Email delivered to your inbox, with just the perfectly magic mix of words to get your day started on the positive wave that it needs to block out all the negative vibes out there.  These short messages kickstart your soul, your heart, and your energy!

A birthday card and gift just for you! I've chosen a birthday gift I think you'll love, and one that will be added to year after year, along with special additions to your gift on special occasions (this will totally make sense when you get your first birthday gift!!) 

Exclusive Weekly Videos with Sasha, filled with motivation, laughter, coaching, and tips to live your best life. These videos aren't posted or shared anywhere else and are only available to Glitter & Grace Club Members!

Exclusive Weekly Newsletter to remind you how fabulous you are, give you words of encouragement, a little wisdom and some fun PLUS a new print you can download, send to friends that need a reminder of how fabulous they are, or you can print (or have printed) just for you...slap that baby on your mirror, frame it, tape it to the dash of your car, or prop it up on the kitchen counter so you see it every single day!

Archive of the entire set of videos and newsletters so you can go back and re-watch and re-read any of the weekly guides when you need them.

Over 130 Fabulous Downloads for your phone and laptop, plus fun color sheets to print as many times as you like.  New downloads are added monthly....and as often as I find them...because I don't like to wait when I find something I think you'll love.


Monthly Zoom Call is just fun!  This is the ultimate pajama party, from the comfort of your own couch, favorite chair, or wherever you want to be, we'll gather screen-to-screen to check in with our tribe sisters, chat and get to know each other, and laugh as much as possible!  It's epic, fun, glorious, and an hour you don't want to miss!!

The Dance Party...because we all love a dance party!  Each Friday, a new video will be posted in the club and we'll get our dance on!  Because I love a dance party!

Coaching Workshops designed to help you live your very best life, learn how to deal with that critic living in your head, plus the negative that pours into us each day, and stay positive in a world that likes to toss the chaos and crazy around like candy!

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Everything happens in the private club, right here on the website, protected by a password

that's changed monthly!

All this for only $10 a month! do you get in on the

Fabuluciousness of the

Glitter & Grace Club?

Easy Peasy, y'all!

* Click the button below

* Sign up for the $10/month subscription with your info

* Wait for the amazing email (within 48 hours)

* Log in with your password and link sent in the email


That's it!  

See, I TOLD ya it was Super Easy Peasy!

(You'll need a Paypal account, but they are free!)


A few answers to those questions you probably have:

Q: Will the $10 come out of my account every month?

A: Yes, you'll see the automatic deduction of $10 come out each month on the same day of the month you joined.

Q:  What if I hate this whole thing?  Can I get my money back?
It's non-refundable, but you may cancel your subscription at any time.  You will still be active until the end of the month, no matter when you joined. And I'd hate to see you leave, but understand Life Happens (or maybe I'm not your cup o' wine...)

Q: I don't have a Paypal account. Can I still join?
Absolutely!!  You'll just need to create a Paypal account. They're free, easy, and take just a few minutes.  You can then use a credit or debit card for the monthly payments.  I am using Paypal as my 'shopping cart' to collect the payments and your email.  There were many to choose from and I chose Paypal because it's the most used one out there. 

Q:  Will I really get a birthday card in the mail?
Absoflippinlutely!!  I'll even write really pretty so you can read it!

Q:  What do you mean by 'downloads'?  I don't need any more loads of anything...
I have created images that you can download on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to use as screen savers, to print out and frame, to make into a card or just about anything you want to do with them.  All for you.  Totally Free!

Q:  I don't have a single clue what a Zoom Room is?  Does it hurt?
A zoom room is .... hard to explain!!  Here's what will happen and how it works:  When the date is announced (once a month on Sunday evening), you'll get notified via email with a link to click to join. 

Once you click the link to join, you'll be taken to the zoom website or app (depending on where you click it from).  From there, the first time, you can register (it's free) and then you'll be in the Zoom Room with everyone else. 

You'll be able to see everyone, you'll be able to talk to everyone, and hear everyone.  Think of it as a big PJ party but we're all at our own homes! 

And if you don't want to be seen, you can turn your camera off.  AND if you can't make the LIVE, it will be on the website for a month!  It's FABULOUS!

Q:  How do I learn about new will I know?
You'll get an email once a week on Monday, so be on the lookout for that!!  I'll use the email address you used when you signed up for Paypal, so if that's not the right one, shoot me a message with the email you check regularily!

So....are you ready to Join the

Glitter & Grace Club? 


Then click the button below and let's get this party started!

I'll see ya in the club!

Glitter & Grace, 


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