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Episode 10

Tracey Stoeckel and I met in March 2018 at a conference. But we had met online long before that.  So when I had the idea about this episode, I knew Tracey was who I needed to talk to!

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Tracey Lewis Stoeckel is an online course consultant and coach. She is a single Mom to two kids (now teens) plus a couple of rescue dogs and a menagerie of other critters. She has a love for sarcasm, marketing, cheese, and her hometown baseball team.

After years as a serial entrepreneur, and while working as a college instructor, Tracey earned her master’s degree in education. It was around that time that her loves for business and education merged as she started creating online learning for college students and then later for a hospital-based ambulance service. When the best boss she ever had announced her early retirement, Tracey made the scary move to pursue course-building for small businesses full-time instead of crying in her office on a daily basis. A decision she questions only occasionally.

Tracey shares her education and business knowledge on her Tracey Teaches Facebook page as well as on her website.


In her “free time” Tracey is working on a series of online courses to help single moms get started in a business of their own, and she plans to also launch a new podcast in late 2019. She also enjoys gardening, volleyball, and live music.


Connect with Tracey:


Facebook Business Group

Facebook Self-care Group




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