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Episode 11

Angie Martin is on a mission: to help you find the  journey to a more joyful life, as woman and mom.

And she's not gonna let FEAR hold her back!

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Angie Martin has been a practicing public interest attorney for over 12 years, and is also certified as a life and leadership coach.


In 2018, she launched her business in order to coach and support other women as they break through limiting beliefs and other internal blocks keeping them from reaching their full potential in order to live a joy-filled life.


Angie enjoys working with fellow mothers who are ready to give themselves permission to get to know their current (and best) self, so they can let go of comparison-itis and guilt, face the reality of the inner split that occurs with motherhood, and start healing.  Through the coaching relationship, Angie's clients get to experience a more fulfilling life as whole, successful women who are also thriving as mothers.


Connect with Angie:

Facebook Page: Angie Martin-Journey to Joyful Living

Facebook Group: Joy Village

Website: Angie Martin Coaching



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