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Episode 9

Tana has been cutting my hair for more than 25 years...and she's been my friend just as long!
You'll love this conversation between two sassy, southern belles!

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Tana and I met over 25 years ago, at a soccer field where our sons were practicing.  


I was new in town and she was friendly.  When we did the whole "What do you do?" routine, I discovered she was a hair dresser and it was a match made in heaven.  


In the past 25+ years, no one else has touched my hair (except me when I'm a little impatient - ha!). She's a genius with the scissors and as down home 'good people' as they come. She embodies that Southern Belle attitude with a bit of sass thrown in and when you think about it like that, you know why we're such good friends!

Tana owns Heads Up Hair Design and I'm gonna pretend that the silver and purple glittery design was done just for me - ha!  It's one of my favorite places to go, hang out, laugh and get beautified!

And no one does it like Tana!

You can find her here:




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