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Episode 6

Building the culture of connection at home ~ the Playfull Way
with Jessica Perkins

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Jessica Perkins is the founder, and creative genius behind the Mama May I Shop and The Playfull Way.  Jessica believes Play is the important work. "Play is innate in childhood and then we kind of lose our ability to play as we age, and replace it with efficiency and lists, and boxes checked off.

It’s hard to get deep into play when we, as grownups, are so tapped out that our thoughts and agendas get in the way of our peace and presence."

I so enjoyed chatting with Jessica about how differently we interrupt even the word "Play" itself but how it can build connection and help our own self care, and builds the culture of connection at home.

Jessica is launching a digital version of her table talk connection cards, and has a gift for you!

Connect with Jessica:

Mama May I




  Digital Table Talk Cards ~ use SCATTEREDSASHA for 15% off

  Physical Table Talk Cards ~ use SCATTEREDSASHA for 15% off

The Playfull Way




  6 Ways to Connect at the Table

  How to Play with your Kids Guide

About Jessica:

Jessica Perkins is a home-schooling mama of 3, who loves words and quotes, never met a salad she didn't like and finds her roots and wings in nature.  When she's not creating a Playfull Way with her kids, you'll likely find her planning their next adventure, rearranging letters into powerful meanings, or inspiring others to live fiercely, intentionally, and bravely. 

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