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Twist Your Thinking Group Business Coach

Let's Do This!

Do you want no-nonsense Business Coaching that you can:

  • Implement immediately?

  • Learn quickly?

  • Understand?

  • Afford?


Then you're in the right place! 


The Twist Your Thinking Jumpstart

is perfect if you're wanting to:


  • figure out social media posting

  • create an opt-in and market it to build your email list

  • market outside of social media and discover exactly how to network to get leads

This exclusive Group Coaching program will give you the answers to the questions you didn't even know you had.  From the what/why/when/how for social media, to the mysteries of email marketing, to the intro statement you must have when you meet people, you'll be ready with everything you need to build your business!

The Jumpstart Details:

  • Training Class dates:  This course is offered only 3 times a year and Opens January 2021.


Click here to be notified when registration opens.

The class is limited to 10 people.

  • One Zoom Training/Coaching per session (approx. 1-2 hours)

  • Attendees on call will have question and answer session

  • Training will be recorded and emailed to all 

  • Worksheets will be emailed to all

  • One 15 minute follow up call to clarify/support

  • A pop-up Facebook group for the duration of the program

  • *Voxer support during the week of the call

  • 2 additional weeks of Voxer support

*Voxer is a voice app that allows you to communicate with anyone without sharing your phone number.  Messages are recorded and played back at your convenience.

Training Details

1st Session: Social Media

Is Facebook and Instagram, as well as YouTube and Pinterest, making your head spin?  Are you using your personal page for your business page?  Do you want to run from the room rather than dig into your analytics and insights?


Here, take my hand....we've got this!

We'll cover creating posts, when to post them, links, going live, events, insights, and more when we jump head first into the beast known as Social Media.  It has changed our world....and it can change your business.  No matter what business you're in....that business belongs online.

2nd Session: Building Your Email List

Email list?  Email Management System?  Active Campaign?  Constant Contact?  Mail Chimp?  Wait...what?

Building your email list is so important because YOU own it...not Facebook (those likes and pages can be gone in an instant!), not your website (also could be gone!), but YOU. So you want to build it and build it good.  That usually involves an opt-in or freebie...that elusive unicorn that makes people (aka your ideal target) throw their email at you to get.

We'll go over what makes a great opt in, how to create one, and how to market it...because once you create it, they will come!

3rd Session: Intro Statements

Hi, my name is Susie and here's what I do....insert 12 sentences that no one is really listening to because it's all industry lingo or slang and they have no idea what you're talking about....

Your intro statement is KEY to getting to the next level...which is conversation. And if you can't get past the intro statement, then you'll never get to the conversation part, and that's where the real money comes in. 

We'll cover the purpose of an intro statement and you'll create the perfect one for you.

So...are you ready to jumpstart your business, and ready to kick your business into high gear?  You will be when you see this:


You'll get all this 

for only $97!!! read that right.

And no, that's not $97 per month (but it should be).

It's an amazing, fabulous, ONE TIME OFFER deal that is

ONLY $97 for 3 sessions of business coaching.


These sessions are usually $67 each with group coaching, but I'm offering it for $97 for ALL THREE SESSIONS!!!


Grab your seat here....


Who's Sasha and 

why is she

qualified to teach this?

As a Certified Business Coach and successful, serial entrepreneur, I've dug through the trenches when I didn't know the answers and figured out the questions that I should have asked in the first place.  I've started businesses, spent 20 years in 'corporate America' working for billion dollar corporations, and led a team of 50 consultants in direct sales.  From driving a race car around a track at 100 mph, to speaking to thousands about joining one of the biggest fast food restaurants on the planet, I've discovered how to engage an audience, get noticed and be remembered.

My passion is helping women start and grow their own business by sharing my experiences, my training, and my mistakes...which I continue to learn from every day.


My goal is to get that business out of your head and into the world, whether you're in launch mode or growth mode!

I'm so glad you're here!

Glitter & Grace,

What others are saying....

It was Amazing!

"Thanks, Sasha, for being so fabulous! I just finished Sasha's course and it was amazing! She is selfless, fun, smart, genuine, and so much more.


Sasha, you're the best!

I wish we were neighbors - ha!"

Lina Adjogble

Best Money ever Spent!

"I took advantage of Sasha's Intro Statement class and it was the best money ever spent.  This lady is amazing!  She will not disappoint!

Someone get this woman a cape!"

Rebeca Lima

Authentic, Energetic

"Sasha, you have a kick-ass brand.  Spunky, inspirational, unapologetic, authentic, energetic, and down to earth real. You embody everything we are as women and everything we strive to be."

Tonya Rineer

Learned more

"You make is so accessible...his is something someone can do at any stage of their business.  I've learned more in these 2 sessions than in several multi day challenges I've been part of.  I have an exciting action list, not an 'I feel shame about my stuff now' list"

Kate Guerrero

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