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Self Confidence Quest

Self Confidence....

The thing so many want, but what also continues to be elusive and undefined.

We often view confidence as physical or material and that sets us up for disappointment and/or failure.  As soon as someone comes along that is perceived to have more physical beauty or more material wealth, our self confidence plummets once again.

This makes us very vulnerable. 


So what should you build your self-esteem around?

Your ability to learn.

Your ability to be resourceful.

The goal is to develop an identity of someone that can grow, change, learn and figure out if you can do those things, then you can not fail.

And your belief in yourself is no longer vulnerable.

Confidence is not just feeling, it's not simply a belief in your self or self esteem.

So what is it?

Confidence is a skill one that can be develop and strengthen like a muscle.

Confidence is willingness to try.

Confidence is combined with trust that you will figure it out … a willingness to try means a willingness to act.


It means that you trust that even if you do fail you learn something from it and continue to try until you figure it out.

When you define confidence based on action it allows you to develop competency. First you need to identify what areas you want to develop confidence in. Then you have a goal for an area of your life.

You can take action in that direction.

When you try you either succeed or receive valuable insights and either way you learn, you grow, you develop and then you apply what you've learned to improve your abilities and skill which builds competency.

Then not only do you have a higher self esteem because your competency is better, you also have true confidence because you know that no matter where you are now, your willingness to try unlocks your future and full potential.

All you have to do is change the way you think about yourself and practice the mindset of true confidence and you'll be able to stop doubting yourself and know deeply within you that you can do and create anything you can dream of.

Then you’ll step forward with what really and truly is confidence.

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