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I'm a talker....always have been.  And let's be honest, sometimes it's just easier to watch someone than it is to read all the words or listen (and pay attention when there's a thousand other things happening). 


As a Certified Master Life Coach, I am sharing Twist Your Thinking 1-Minute Tips, designed to remind you how fabulous you are, and offer you some tips and tricks to make life a little easier when we need it most.

Just so ya know, I left the lovely screen shots that I was given and decided not to create new ones, because that's life and we're real here!

TYT Tip - Have Fun Today
TYT Tip ~ I'm proud of you
TYT Tip ~ Don't Grade Yourself
TYT Tip - Get back up
TYT Tip ~ Share Your Story
TYT Tip ~ you are Wonderful!
TYT Tip: Shine On
TYT Tip 11-24-20 Sparks joy
TYT Tip 10-29-20 Take a Detour
TYT Tip 10-22-20 WW stance
TYT Tip 10-13-20  I Radiate___
TYT Tip 10-1-20 Phone Alarm
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