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Discover your Natural Gift and learn how to use it to bring more joy, fulfillment, and dance parties into your life!

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Fall 2024

You were born to do amazing things ~ your soul is laden with gifts only you are able to give to those that need them most. 

But what if you don't know what those gifts are?  

Why does it matter?

This will BLOW YOUR MIND ... It takes a tremendous
amount of effort to do something well for which you are
not naturally suited.

Whoa...THINK about THAT!  

The daily grind is even more frustrating when the effort is greater. 

How amazing would it be to know your natural gift, which would give you insight into your soul and pave a path to greater joy, and easier days (and DANCING PARTIES!!!!).

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Let me in!

Welcome to What's Your Fabulous Gift Workshop, where you discover who you are meant to be, and create a path to get you there!

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We'll gather together in a Private Facebook Group for a week of live workshops, (you can also catch the replays!), discussion, and discoveries designed to help you figure out your Natural Gift in life.  (February 28 - March 4, 2022 at 11:00 am ET are the lives!)

This can be LIFE CHANGING!

All this happens as you're surrounded by the support of like-minded women, soul mates on a similar journey, who join together with you as one to create a force so powerful, so beautiful, and so life changing, you will believe all things are possible.

Let me in!

What's Your Fabulous Gift?

Discover your gift with...

  • Live sessions (11:00 am ET)

  • Interactive sessions

  • Replays available

  • Worksheets

  • Q & A sessions

  • Live sessions as follow up

  • Private FB group

  • Community

  • Held 2/28 through 3/4

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What others are saying...

Ready to Find Your Fabulous Gift?

I'm Ready!


Wait...FOR REAL? 
for an entire WEEK of workshops?

Yep...better get in quick! 

Yaaassss PLEASE!

Your Host

Sasha Gray is a Master Certified Life and Mindset Coach, Confidence Coach and Happiness Coach.  She dances to the music in her head, and any other music she hears.  She's addicted to glitter, iced coffee and purple hair but is definitely not interested in an intervention.

Her passion is connection, self confidence, and strength from within. 

After losing her son to the depths of the unknown, being the caregiver for her elderly parents for more than 7 years, and raising her 14 year old granddaughter from the age of 6 months, she turned to her own inner strength to guide her through the daily trauma and heartache those life issues brought to the table.

Her ability to offer wise counsel, empathy, understanding and an occasional push in the right direction led her to pursue certifications in multiple coaching categories.  She adds laughter, glitter and a lot of sparkle to everything she touches and can't wait to join your Journey in this workshop!

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