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Goddess Soul Needs You!

Your Goddess Soul is meant to thrive, to glow, and to respond to the
good vibes you put out in the world.

Sometimes that Goddess Soul gets splashed with tough life, real life,
(and lots of laundry!) 
 and those good vibes can't get
to your soul so you can thrive and glow.

You want to take Good Care of Your Goddess Soul, but...
where do you start?
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Join me
June 20-24
11:00 am ET
Live Workshops

Replays available

Be Kind to Your Goddess Soul....

Let's face it...we don't give our Goddess Souls the attention needed, but we KNOW it's needed.

Life and laundry get in the way, our responsibilities and obligations weigh us down


and we just keep pushing ourselves down to the bottom of the list.  


Let's fix that!!


Be Kind to Your Goddess Soul...

This workshop isn't going to give you a list of things to do; you can get that anywhere.

NOPE ~ We're going to dig deep and discover WHY you need to focus on these areas of your life and HOW you CAN Be Kind to Your Goddess Soul each day.

It's going to be awesome!

I'm Ready!

Welcome to Be Kind to Your Goddess Soul Workshop, where you'll discover the different types of self care, why you have to deal with each in a different way, and how to make sure you put yourself
back on the priority list!

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Yep, I want this!

This will be held in a Private Facebook Group, where you can interact with me and anyone else in the group that's attending. 

You will be able to watch the workshops live or watch them afterward at your convenience, or even re-watch them for clarity and understanding.

We'll dig into each segment of Self Care, identify why each is different, and pursue methods that will make a difference in your daily life and make it possible to Be Kind to Your Goddess Soul!

Did you know there are multiple kinds of self care?

Yep...and we're going to talk about 5 different ones in the "Be Kind to Your Goddess Soul" workshop in June!

Day 1 = Physical Self Care

Day 2 = Emotional Self Care
Day 3 = Spiritual Self Care
Day 4 = Practical Self Care
Day 5 = Mental Self Care

All are important, all make a difference in your life and the lives of the people in your circle and how you live your life.

Make the intentional choice to take care of you....

Your Goddess Soul Needs You...
are you ready?


  • FIVE Live sessions (11:00 am ET)

  • FIVE HOURS of coaching!  ($225 value)

  • Interactive sessions

  • Replays available

  • Worksheets

  • Q & A session

  • Private FB group

  • Community

  • Held June 20-24, 2002

  • Each is 60 minutes long


If you're ready....

I'm Ready!


Cost = $37

Yaaassss PLEASE!

This workshop with everything included is valued at
over $500.00, but in this special just for you workshop, you can get it all for only $37!

Your Host

Sasha Gray is a Master Certified Life and Mindset Coach, Confidence Coach and H