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Life is messy, chaotic, crazy and full of surprises. But when you have the chance, you pull up a chair and hang out with your girlfriends, sipping a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or an Arnold Palmer. You get advice, stories, a few laughs and maybe shed a tear....but you leave fulfilled, refreshed, and ready to tackle your world.

Your Fabulous is Showing is like having that hangout any time you need it. Sasha's stories speak her truth which is wrapped up in all our truths and we recognize ourselves in her stories of success, heart ache, failure and this crazy journey known as life. Everyone wants to be her BFF and hang out in her world.

Part Journal, Part Life Guide, Part Coloring Book, and Part Lesson Book, Your Fabulous is Showing draws you in with the funny stories about every day life, and guides you with the life lessons you need to navigate the pitfalls and construction zones along your journey.


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