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Life Coaching....what does that even mean?

I asked that same question many times and now, I have also answered it many times since.  


Here's the Official Answer and Definition:

Life coaching is about supporting who you're working with to identify and overcome the roadblocks in whatever area they are working on by offering a different perspective.  

Just like in sports...the coach doesn't play, but offers strategies and support from the sidelines, leading the team and each player to do their best.

For me, it's easier to explain when I use analogies, 'cause I'm an analogy girl:

If I am trying to make a meal, I might have a cook book or a recipe.

But, even with the tools needed for this chore I'm working on, I still don't know exactly what to do or how to do it. I feel like it's just out of my reach, and that there's no way I can get where I need to be.

So I might call or reach out to someone that knows how to read the recipe, understand the directions, and be able to help me figure it how to make it all work.

And that's what a life coach does.

She's there to help guide you, show you what you're capable of, and remind you that the answers you need are already inside you.  

You just need a little help remembering what they are...

I don't often list the certifications I carry, but for this venture, I feel it's important.  

NOTE: A life coach is not a substitute for a therapist or a counselor, and I encourage you to seek out those professionals if you feel you would benefit from their expertise.

As a reminder, none of the content from the Glitter & Grace Club may be shared with anyone outside the club

Full Courses - Multiple Sessions

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Mini Courses - Less than 1 hour

Self Confidence Mini Course

Self Confidence Mini Course

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