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Episode 8

Lizzy Russinko is my soul sister (even if she doesn't know it 😉),   and her mission speaks to my heart.

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I had such a great conversation with Lizzy Russinko!  She and I have a a similar passion and her words (both spoken and written) are powerful.

She dropped some fabulous words that you'll want to remember:

"We're always in a process of becoming..." might be my new favorite.  It's exactly how I would describe the way life works and how we grow from every interaction and influence.  

"When you forgive someone else, you lighten your load." This is so true...often you are forgiving someone for you as much as for them.

I know you'll love our conversation, and you'll adore her hand lettered images on Instagram, in her Etsy shop and her fun website!

Connect with Lizzy:

Lizzy Russinko on Instagram

Lizzy Russinko on Facebook
This (Un)Scripted Life Website

More about Lizzy:

Lizzy Russinko is a wildly passionate, misfit-loving, mama & artist - and an inimitable hugger.


After 12 years in higher education, she left her career to parent her newborn daughter full-time, with dreams of emerging as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Over the last 7 years she has found ways to put all of her amazing higher ed skills to use, as a mama (of course!) and a business owner.


This (Un)Scripted Life is her hand lettering studio and retreat series with a focus on sharing Lizzy’s own personal philosophy of flipping the finger to the rules and stomping out your own beautiful path.


Retreat Roadmap is an extension of that work, a consulting business that allows her to help other heartcentered, socially-conscious entrepreneurs plan soulful, purpose-driven retreats & gatherings.


Everything Lizzy does goes back to human connection (both to ourselves & others) and being brave enough to start and sustain conversations that really matter

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