Things I Love

My Amazon Store is a collection of things I love and things I have in my home!  

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Your Fabulous is Showing and JOURNALING ~ Therapy for Your Soul are both available via my website.  You can find them here 


You are UnBreakable! 

If you need a reminder just how UnBreakable you really are, I created Lapel Pins and Stickers!  Shipping is included in the US!


The Stickers are 2"x2" and are 5 for $3.00

The Lapel pins are 1.25"x1.25" and are 2 for $4.00

Shirts and Mugs!

I love a long, black, v-neck, short sleeve t-shirt with awesome quotes on the front.  I  have several, but thought....I'd really like to have some with my own words on them!

So I created some fabulous shirts with my words and found a great place to print and ship them.  While it was all happening, hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, phone cases, heck, even pillows happened!