Therapy for Your Soul


Therapy for Your Soul

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“I can’t journal…I’m not a writer…”

The truth is we’re all writers and we’ve all already journaled as least once in our life.  From the time you wrote your first paragraph in grade school to that last term paper in college, you’ve been writing your words down on paper and sharing them with the world.  Or at least your teacher.

But I get it…journaling is different.

Journaling is personal. 
Journaling is private.

Journaling is a secret.

But the most important fact about Journaling is that its therapeutic.

Journaling can cleanse the soul, and allow you to move not only over something, but through it.  When you can get it out of your head and onto paper or screen, then you can see it laid out and make much more sense of it all. 

And that helps you get through whatever it is that’s holding you back.  You begin to make a plan and put it in place. 

Even if that plan is to let it go.

So let’s get started on your Journaling Journey!

I created something because I know how important Journaling can be. It has gotten me through challenges in life that I was sure would destroy me.

Journaling allows you to use the power of your emotions, and realize your strength while showing you the pieces you need to focus on to get through whatever it is that's holding you back.

Journaling is more than writing down

what you did's

Therapy for Your Soul.

I knew I had to share the magic of Journaling, so I wrote down everything I felt like would be important to start your journaling journey, complete with details about how to write, what to write, and even where and when.

Also included are 30 Journaling Prompts, for those days you're facing a blank page and just can't quite seem to get the words out of your soul.

The best part is you can start immediately since this is an click and download it so you're ready to go!

Wait! There's another best part! It's only $5!!

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