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The Glitter Grace Podcast

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where the conversation about life continues....

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Episode 18-Sasha Manifesto.png

Episode 18


Get you one!

Episode 17-Maintenance on your Soul.png

Episode 17


for your


Pretty Important...

Episode 16-Sasha What's Your Title.png

Episode 16

What are you?

Weird question, but it happens.  Find out why it matters!

Episode 15-Sasha Define Success.png

Episode 15

Defining Success in All areas of your life helps you lead your

Best Life!

Episode 14-Sasha Selfie Challenge.png

Episode 14

Bringing the good back to won't want to miss

this one!

Episode 13 - Sasha Emotions are Contagio

Episode 13

Emotions are Contagious?

Yep, they are!

Episode 12-Kate Guerrero.png

Episode 12

Kate Guerrero is a Writer, a Maker, a Creator and Friendship Guru!

Angie Martin.png

Episode 11

Angie Martin is a Certified Life Purpose and Empowerment Coach giving mamas Permission to Thrive!

Episode 10-Tracey Stoeckel.png

Episode 10

 Tracey and I dish on how to get on with it when a relationship ends and you will love the ideas Tracey has for getting through it all.

Episode 9-Tana.jpg

Episode 9

We find out all the secrets that hairdressers really know...and how this one stays so good at what she does!

Episode 8-Lizzy Russinko.png

Episode 8

Lizzy Russinko's message is so close to my heart! Her mission empowers & recognizes the struggle we go through daily!

Episode 7-Tater.png

Episode 7

What do 12 year olds think about?  Find out in this episode with Tater.

Episode 6-Jessica Perkins.jpg

Episode 6

Jessica and I met in October, 2017 and have stayed in touch since.  She has a passion for building the culture of connection at home - the Playfull Way.

Episode 5-Rachel.jpg

Episode 5

I had the best time chatting with Rachel from Auntie Rachel's Tips for Life!  We were in person and were laughing as much as we were talking! 

Episode 4-Faith.jpg

Episode 4

I enjoyed chatting with Faith, learning what drives her to succeed, & to tackle the world as we charge into the next decade of the 21st Century.

Episode 3-Tara and Jessica.jpg

Episode 3

Listen in as we learn a lot from a 16 year old and her fabulous mom!

Episode 2-Lisa Zawrotny.jpg

Episode 2

Lisa and I talk about decluttering physically and emotionally in this fabulous episode!

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