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Episode 10

Tracey and I could have chatted forEVAH, and you'll see why after you hear this episode.  

Tracey and I dish on how to get on with it when a relationship ends and you will love the ideas Tracey has for getting through it all.


Episode 9

Tana has been cutting my hair for 25 years, and I hope she does it for another 25 years, at least!

We find out all the secrets that hairdressers really know...and how this one stays so good at what she does!


Episode 8

Lizzy Russinko has a message that is so close to my heart, and a mission that empowers and recognizes the struggle we go through daily in this crazy life. 

She's speaking my love language and her words are powerful and beautiful and all wrapped up in hand lettered art that is simply and radically majestic.  You're gonna love this one!


Episode 7

I had thought about having Tater on the podcast for a few weeks, but she wasn't sure that was something she wanted to do.  She's a pretty private kid and I was ok with that.

So when she said, "Yes", I was pretty thrilled!  And our conversation was all over the place...making me think she might be a little scattered, too ! 

Episode 6

Jessica and I met in October, 2017 and have stayed in touch since.  She has a passion for building the culture of connection at home - the Playfull Way.

In this episode, we talk about the difference intentional play makes and, how to bring it into your life, in ways that bring you joy! 

Episode 5

I had the best time chatting with Rachel from Auntie Rachel's Tips for Life!  We were chatting in person and were laughing as much as we were talking! 


In this episode, we talk about friendship, the way women need those friends and the different roles we play with different people.  

Episode 4

As a barely Baby Boomer, I'm not always up on the things Millenials are doing or the way they think about things.  


I so enjoyed chatting with Faith, and learning what drives her to succeed, and to tackle the world as we charge into the next decade of the 21st Century.

Episode 3

Most teenaged daughters don't want to spend a lot of time with mom....but Tara and Jessica have that all figured out.  Not only do they spend time together every day, they've even started a business together! 

Listen in as we learn a lot from a 16 year old and her fabulous mom!

Episode 2

Do you cringe every time you walk into a room because of all the clutter?  How about the clutter in your mind?  That makes a huge difference to our mindset and how we deal with everyday life!


Lisa and I talk about both those things in this fabulous episode!

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