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15 minutes

The end of a long day.

At the end of a long year.


Showing up and dealing because that’s what we do, right? Yes. The answer is ‘yes’, that’s what we do. We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and deep in our souls, yet we continue because we are strong enough at our core to do just that.

But we are also weary.

The quote “I’ll rest when I’m dead” comes to mind, but I think I’d rather be a little bit rested when I’m living….so let me be so bold and brash as to suggest we put ourselves at least ON the list.

No…oh heavens no, not at the TOP of the list.

Just flipping ON the list.

Like, Wednesday at 9:24…15 minutes to just ‘be’.

Yeah, I think I can do that.

What about you…?

Tell me your scheduled time to ‘be’….and let's make it happen.

15 minutes. We can do this, right?

With Glitter & Grace,


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