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And just like that...I'm 60....

60 years. 6 decades. Born in another century (THAT one!).

I’m not really sure how I feel about this whole turning 60 thing that’s happening today, but I do know a few things that make sense to me.

I’ll choose 60 for today: 1.Don’t postpone joy. 2.Driving back country roads soothes my soul. 3.The fancy stuff is nice. 4.The fancy stuff is over rated. 5.Little things matter 6.The Golden Rule is a good idea. 7.Puppies are good for a smile. 8.When someone offers you a breath mint, take it. 9.Practice random acts of kindness. 10.Learn how to make a wedding toast.

11.Don’t be afraid to take a risk. 12.Ask for help when you need it. 13.Hindsight is a good teacher. 14.Travel as often as possible. 15.Compliment strangers and you’ll both feel good. 16.Stand your ground when warranted. 17.Know when to bow out. 18.Learn how to play poker. 19.Dream big. 20.Memorize your favorite poem.

21.Ask people how they are and listen. 22.Know your worth. 23.Learn how to make a cocktail. 24.Get regular checkups. 25.Keep learning everything you can. 26.Take time to do nothing. 27.Pack lightly. 28.Burn the candles. 29.Find your favorite scent and keep it close. 30.Embrace your weirdness.

31.Do what you’re afraid of doing. 32.Dance every chance you get. 33.Naps matter. 34.Play board games often. 35.Respect your past. 36.Learn how to make your recipe. 37.Grace ~ Give yourself some. 38.Wake up each day grateful to be here. 39.Remember your needs matter, too. 40.Make time for your friends.

41.Explore all around you. 42.You are unbreakable. 43.Giggle when you feel like it. 44.Take all the pictures. 45.Create a space you love to be in. 46.Learn how to make small talk. 47.Guilt is an emotion…not something you need to carry. 48.You deserve happiness. 49.You don’t have to be perfect. 50.A well place curse word is sometimes needed.

51.Wander often. 52.Declutter every month. 53.Keep date night. 54.Enjoy your own company. 55.Grow. In every way. 56.Figure out how you recharge your soul. 57.Join in the shenanigans. 58.Your opinion matters. 59.Know your boundaries. 60.Keep being fabulous.

Find joy in every single never know when it will stop!

with Glitter & Grace,

Sasha Gray, CMLC

Certified Master Life Coach

Certified Master Mindset Coach

Certified Business Coach

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