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How to Interpret Your Own Dream ~ Sasha Style

When I was pouring my iced caramel MOCK-E-OTTO coffee just now (my system needed a good jolt!) I remembered a dream I had last night.

Now....1st sidebar: My mama used to ALWAYS say that after you had a dream, something would happen that made you remember the dream and then that was the end of the dream. I still have no idea what that really means, but now every time it happens, I say, "Oh, that's the end of my dream".

Back to the dream....

I was pouring my iced coffee, and had a flash of a river. Maybe since it's been raining for almost 48 hours, I was thinking I should find a boat, a dingy or at least an oar, none of which we have.

But this flash grew in my brain, and I remembered my was one of those dreams that's crazy. Most of my dreams are crazy, but some have a little dash of possibility and occasionally some reality.

Not this one.

This one had me in my truck (at the very least, it should have been some snazzy sports car...), and I was on a dirt road. Mac was in another truck (he would have DEFINITELY preferred it be a sports car), and was headed in the opposite direction.

As he drove by me, he shouted, "Hurry up, we're gonna be late!!"

2nd sidebar: He's NEVER said that to me, because I'm usually ready first and telling EVERYONE to hurry up, because we're gonna be late.

Continuing on.....

I shouted back to him, as he was driving past, "I've got to make the river first. Wait for me!"

And at that point, I opened my truck door, poured out my coffee and it turned into a chocolate river.

Not to be content with a glorious chocolate river that glistened in the sunlight like the nirvana that it was, I then realized I needed to make it a chocolate AND caramel river.

Because...hello!! Chocolate AND caramel? Yes, Please.

So, I then poured from my never ending cup of coffee, and a fine drizzle of caramel began to flow down over the chocolate, running in rivulets down the creamy glaze, but not mixing together, just laying on top, melding together in a marriage of happiness and goodness.

Willy Wonka's got nothing on me....

But NO!!! It HAD to be swirled like the brownie cake batter.

Mac was driving further away and I was going to miss him....I HAD to hurry.

Ahem...3rd Sidebar: I have to wonder if this has ANYTHING to do with our crazy whacked out schedule this week....I'll see him for maybe an hour tonight, then not again until Friday....Hmmmm.

And finally...the rest of the story:

Since I had to hurry, but I also HAD to swirl the mixture (not, I HAD to SWIRL), I decided, in my dream state of badassness, to use my truck to do the swirling. I simply backed up, and put my tires in the newly formed river and turned the steering wheel back and forth as I drove along, looking in my rear view mirror to see all the loveliness that I was creating....

I woke up then. And had NO recollection of this dream until I was pouring my Iced Caramel MOCK-E-OTTO several hours later.

So...How do I interpret my dream?

I'm SURE there's some weird, hidden meaning to all this, but the only one I can think of is that I need a Twix candy bar and some more coffee.

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