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Road Blocks Ahead...

Some days, you cry.

And that's ok.

I think we feel like we have to pretend all the time.

We have to be strong all the time.

We have to ignore the sadness, the heartache, the tough times and just LIFE on days that LIFE sucks the living soul out of us.

Because to admit that some days we cry is admitting defeat.

Admitting that we aren't strong enough.

Admitting that we can't handle it.

Admitting that we are human....


Life is messy. Life is full of bumpy roads, pitfalls, potholes, and cliffs that jump out at us from nowhere, yet we are expected to maneuver around them with ease.

Some days we manage to do a two-step, dancing around the edges of drama, karma, and trauma, staying on path and task like the super women we are.

But Some days we need to stop, put on the brakes, look around and figure out where in the wide world of donuts we ARE at this moment, how we got here and which direction we need to go in next.

Because life doesn't always give us that warning sign that there are curves ahead, sharp turns, dangerous intersections and slick, icy roads.


And on those days you cry, on those days you feel defeated, beaten and wondering how you are ever going to get through the next hour, let alone the next day or week or month.....know this:

You will.

You will because you ARE strong.

You don't have to be strong every single moment of every single day.

You just have to be strong enough to dance across the lines when you're ready.

You've come this far and you've survived and you've thrived.

You will rise, shine and sparkle again....I just know it.

Much Love,


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