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The Universe is Mine Today!

Odd how the universe works...

I got more of the temporary tattoos from Conscious Ink this week, and I finally decided which one to put on today.

I chose to place it on my forearm because that mirrors my other one.

And as I tried to take a picture with my laptop camera instead of my phone (simply because it's easier to type on my laptop that use the tiny phone keyboard and I didn't want to send the photo to my laptop from my phone....all of which would have taken LESS time than it took me to type these words... 🤦‍♀️), I had to hold my arm at a weird angle and turn the laptop to get the whole picture.

And when I looked at that picture of the tattoo I chose, I didn't see the words at first.

What I saw was...

A picture of my grandmother... A painting my mama created... A painting of Wonder Woman that my bonus daughter created for me for Christmas...

And THEN I saw the words I chose...

"She Could Not Be Tamed"

And I realized that there was a legacy in line with my arm today....I'm not sure where Wonder Woman fits in, but I'm keeping her in my line for now.

Because you just never know when you're gonna need a little kick ass Magic Shield, Truth Lasso and bullet proof cuffs in your day, so it's always good to plan....

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