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I saw this picture hanging on the cork board, partially covered with other, more current pictures. Decades and layers of life surrounded the edges, but it seemed a beacon of light brought it to me, and i couldn't help but seek it out, pulling it to the forefront of my mind, and reliving that moment in time.

Who is this person looking back at me?

Is she still inside my soul, wondering what the hell happened?

Did she disappear under the detritus of life, the burdens weighing her down into oblivion?

Was she pushed out in to the world too soon, too late, too often, or too few times to make her mark and leave a destiny?

I know this girl....this woman-to-be....and I remember this moment like it wasn't 1983, but only yesterday. This was my 'dancing outfit' of choice, making movement ebb and flow with the rhythm of a disco long gone, laughter bubbling from within and the reality of life a distant thought as the world was surely tossed at my dancing, unencumbered feet.

She's still here....she's still guiding me, nudging me, reminding me of 'that time' as a warning or at least a tap on my shoulder to be cautious.

She hangs out in my soul and in my heart, peeling back the decades and layers of life, to show me the way .... both of where I've come from and where I have yet to go.

She's the purple ribbon I never leave behind, and the feathered wings I adorn myself with every chance I get.

I like her....I liked her then and I like her now. And I know she'll be there for me when there's no one else around.

with Glitter & Grace,


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