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A little balance is a good thing

They say it’s called balance…

That’s the good news, because you wonder if you’re losing your mind a little bit when the days that are glorious turn into train wrecks somewhere along the way.

It’s called balance….

You can go from everyone laughing and happy to someone crying in the blink of an eye. Those teen hormones (toddler? Young adult? Grown up? Parent?) take a toll and you wonder if it was the way you breathed or blinked and when it’ll happen again.

It’s called balance….

You’ve showered, put on pants and might actually be on time for that meeting and then the next day you realize you’re representing 3 holidays from the knees down.

It’s called balance….

You fixed a meal that includes at least one vegetable, and remember it’s the first meal you’ve eaten at home in 4 days because….LIFE!

It’s called balance….

I stopped beating myself up over the bad days and decided to celebrate the good days instead. And those bad days get a little more grace tossed on them, a little less judgment and a lot less frustration.

It’s still there…the frustration, the guilt, the occasional judgment, but when we celebrate the good days more often, it seems to lessen the burdens we carry around.

And I’m all for celebrating…I like to celebrate Tuesdays (or every day of the week), the sun shining, the rain, clean clothes, and finding a 12-pack of Fanta grape sodas.

I’m up for celebrating just about anything!

You wanna celebrate your new t-shirt? I’m in!

You wanna celebrate your dishwasher being loaded? I’m in!

You wanna celebrate knowing how to work your new phone? I’m in!

There’s simply not enough celebrating in the world and waaayyyy too much judgment, sadness, and negativity.

Let’s change that, k?

Whatcha wanna celebrate? I’m IN!

Glitter & Grace,


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