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Mac took his truck for some recalls and I wheeled in about 3 minutes later to pick him up and do fun stuff.


We went to Lowe's and Sam's where we promptly bought a garbage disposal and a security light and some paper towels.

We did get to have some lunch .... so I guess it was officially a 'day date'

You know, this whole adulting thing isn't exactly what I thought it'd be when I was a teenager.

I'm sure I thought by now I'd be tossing hundred dollar bills at the bartender while I bought the 'house a round', staying out all night and jetting off to exciting places on a whim. I'm jetting off to Lowe's and Sam's, buying responsible adult-ish things, and checking out the 2-for-1 deals on the lunch menu

But you want to know the coolest part about being an adult-ish woman in this magical world right now for me?

Every single bit of it.

Oh please don't misunderstand...there are so many crappy moments and downright excruciating moments that some days I simply have to walk away for a minute to gather my wits and soothe my soul.

Sometimes it's an hour or a day.

And yet, I choose joy.

I choose happy

I choose fun

I choose frivolous

I choose giggles

I choose silly

I choose laughter

I choose positivity

I choose dance

I choose delight

Does this mean that's the answer to everything, that somehow by waving a magical fairy wand and choosing something out loud, things will miraculously turn out all right and we'll all be dancing and singing all the time?


But, it DOES mean I can deal with those things a little bit better if I choose joy whenever I can.

And I'm gonna choose it and look for it Everywhere.

With Glitter & Grace,


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